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Needy Students fund

One of the main objectives of VAAP is “To assist and support the efforts of the Veterinary Faculty in obtaining financial and other support, both locally and internationally, by encouraging alumni and well-wishers”. As we are well aware, many students face major financial issues throughout their university life, even with the availability of government sponsored scholarship programmes. In response to a proposal made by a member of the first Executive Committee (Ex-Co) of VAAP, Prof. Mangala Gunatilake, a ‘Needy Students Fund’ was established, and initial donations were made by her and three other members of the Ex-Co. The fund is intended to support a new student each year using the interest generated, while investing the balance in a fixed deposit. The first such grant was handed over to the Dean of the Faculty, and one award has already been made to a student from the first year batch of 2018/2019, who was selected by a Faculty committee.

Our goal is to reach LKR 1 million for this fund, and we appeal to our Alumni who would like to extend their support towards this to kindly contact either the President, the Honorary Secretary or the Treasurer.

COVID Emergency Assistance Fund

The COVID-19 crisis resulted in a range of problems to both staff and students at the Faculty, resulting in financial as well as other hardships. This was especially so when some staff members had to be quarantined in one of the Faculty premises, and a group of undergraduates were quarantined inside University premises. In response to an appeal from the Dean, VAAP was able to receive donations from alumni residing overseas to establish the “COVID Emergency Assistance Fund” for this purpose. Some of these funds were provided to the Faculty during the first emergency mentioned above. During the recent third wave of COVID-19, cash awards were made to 33 students who were having major financial difficulties, as determined by a Faculty committee.

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